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CHIP is distributor of DIBAL Company from Spain, one of the leading European producers of commercial scales with bar code and computer network. Their leading position is based on installed scales in 60 of 100 mega markets in Spain .


Commercial scales with computer connection are possible to connect in net trough RS-422 or RS-485 connector in amounts of:


DIBAL “E” series      20 units

DIBAL “K” series      80 units

DIBAL “M” series    300 units

DIBAL “A” series  1500 units

DIBAL “L” series   1500 units



For complete analyses and networking, on distance of 1200 meters, Dibal provided fabric software, totally free, simultaneously implemented in our applied software.


It is possible to take in, in scope of EAN-13 bar code, all wanted structures of bar codes. The bill contents can be modified in wanted form on a ticket and label printer too.

We prepared the special offer with simple scales, by company DIBAL, that are imposed by their characteristics and price.


All series include the huge number of models with different configurations and possibilities, so they can satisfy even the most demanding buyers. All scale models have characteristics:


•  max. capacity from 3 to 30 kg with preciseness from 1 to 10 gr. or with multi-division option 3/6 kg, 6/15 kg, or 15/ 30 kg

•  hanging, standard or low versions, with or without ticket or label printer

•  memory from 1000 to 4000 articles; from 10 to 20 salesman which can work simultaneously on more scales; prices and amounts up to 99.999

•  tara to maximum capacity

•  complete control of ticket or label look; possibility of entrance (and charging) non measured articles

•  setting apart taxes

•  cash drawer optionally


You can analyze data from received lists by everyday or by shifts. The scale can do the lists by:


•  articles

•  sell by article

•  sell by salesmen

•  group sums

•  taxes

•  etc.


The connection of all scales gives the possibility of:


•  ten scales in line where one is master and the rest are slave

•  from 2 to 50 lines depending of a series

•  the connection with computer enables scale programming, analyzing data, change of articles, prices etc. from computer

•  reception of sell data so its possible crate supplying orders right away and control “missing articles” that are hand out on section, but not gone trough the cash register

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