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Data collectors are devices which are being used as technical solutions in the area of sale. The basic use is collecting, mostly trough integrated bar code scanner, and transferring data to central computer system in off-line mode (batch models) or on-line models (wireless-radio models).

Their application is most frequent in:

•  making an inventory

•  wholesale trading

•  warehouse business

•  packages deliveries

•  etc.


Data collector is a mini computer for one hand handling with integrated bar code scanner. Operating system that is being used can be DOS, Windows CE or some other applied by manufacturer. There are some exceptions for wireless models which are same as for wireless networks.

In the group of wireless models of data collectors that work on standard 2.4 GHZ other models with radio standards for data transferring are being popularized. They have less performance but for specific applies they have better balanced relation between price and characteristics.

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