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Label printing is one of the areas of the printing industry that is rapidly digitalized in respond to market demands. The trend in the field of food, cosmetic, wine and other industries are smaller, private brands that provide proven quality and value. These types of goods requires short run seriers of labels, since the goods are, so to speak, hand made, and therefore the possibility of variability. Here conventional printing can not respond to a request quickly and conveniently, and therefore offer of digital label printers increases. This type of printing allows you to create labels in top quality, fast and affordable, and often in house.

CHIP offers two color printers that are recommended for the producers, to enable them to produce their own labels in house in minimal series and deliver the goods same day. These are ink jet printers PRIMERA LX 400 and LX 810.




For printer shops that need to produce superior quality from designed to printed, die-cutted and laminated labels in rolls ready for labeling, within a few hours CHIP can offer color laser printers ANY 001 and ANY 002 in combination with laser cutter ANY CUT. The combination of printer and cutter allows unlimited combinations of printing and cutting without plates and without tools, very easy.


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