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When we are talking about Wireless networking we have in mind radio communication between two or more points. Majority of Manufacturers use standard network protocols (802.1b,a,g, Open Air, etc.), based on their own technical solution for radio communication in accordance with local regulations for each market. For this purposes most common use frequencies band is from 2.4 GHz to 2.483 GHz performed in:

•  DSS, Direct spread spectrum and

•  FHSS, Frequency hoping spread spectrum technology.

Without intentions to make confuse in readers head, we think that every of mentioned solution have their own key point which determine their use, and briefly they can be define


FHSS technology (BLUETOOTH)


- Us non linear power amplifier they have higher power consumption.

- Higher security level, channel surveillance is impossible because of internally estimated frequency shift.

- Longer rage

- Lower transmission rate in same range compare to DSS technology



DSS technology (802.11 b, a, g)


- Use linear amplifier with higher power consumption (very important for use with handy terminals)

- No matter signal is encrypted surveillance is possible because signal is continues on chosen frequency

- Short range

- Higher transmit ion rate in same band compare with FHSS technology.


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