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Bar code is an array of vertical parallel lines in two colors. Lines have different width and the combination of these lines gives a different message (the country of origin, producer, etc.). The combination of the lines also depends of the standard that is used (EAN-13, EAN-8, UPCE, INTERLEAVE 2-5 etc.).


For its electromechanically characteristics bar code printers have big differences compared to standard computer printers. Their basic use is printing bar codes on self-adhesive labels, with or without prepress. There are Direct Thermal (DT) and Thermal Transfer (TT) technology.

In DT printing heated head of printer leaves black tray directly on thermal sensitive paper. The advantages of this print technology are: quality print but short life, caused by the sensitivity of thermal paper to light.

Special ribbons, choice depends of material, used in TT technology, give quality print and long life, and in cases resistance to mechanical and chemical reactions.

TT print technology is the best bar code print technology.


On picture right the difference in “coverness” in different print techniques is obvious what gives the conclusion that printer resolution is not decisive. TT technology gives the most quality print which is necessary for detection with bar code printers.

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